Natual soap bars

We make all our soaps the natural way with a cold processes method. No machines just our hands to create each batch uniquely. The base to our soaps vary in combination from shea butter, cooca butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and vegetable oil. Each batch has a diffrent scent and look from different essentail oils and clays being used. These soaps take 3-4 week to dry and cure before we lable and ship out (all good things take time ;) Natural handmade soaps are healthier for our skin due to the natural ingrediants. These soaps are widely know to help ease eczema, psoriasis, acne, & skin promblems.

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  • Review

    "THIS PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELY BOMB. It cleared my eczema, it's helping my stretch marks, and my acne. In just days.. I literally cried because I've been trying to regain my confidence back for years and finally found something that works."

    -Sammy G.

  • Review

    "The acne serum feels so wonderful on my skin, I have noticed some of my dark spots disappearing and brightening."

    -Angela H.

  • Review

    "This is my first time using natural soap bars and I love it! I feel like I can not go back to store bought soaps now. Thank you for the sample too it was very thoughtful."

    -Victora Z.

  • Review

    "I love the combination of oils! Very high quality. I also love how it feels on my face. I'm excited to see the results! This is going to be great to use in the winter when my skin takes a beating. I already placed an order for two more bottles. I love it!!"

    -Jason P.